Computerized Christmas   ver. 2013

              November 24 through January 1             Supporting Wounded Warriors                         6:00pm to 10:00pm
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Our train is still the hit of the show with the children.

The train has been running since 2006 and consists of an engine, two cars, 75' of track, and 2 bridges over our stream.

The engine construction is a poplar hardwood frame with the curved portions wrapped in two layers 1/16" birch plywood.   The engine base and conductor's cabin are made from 1/2" cabinet grade birch plywood.  The two cars are also built using 1/2" birch plywood.

The track is made using 1/2" OSB, to give it a rough surface to prevent wheel slip as the train chugs up our 10 degree incline.   A center rail is used as a guide for the engine and cars.  On the straight lengths the guide is a 3/4" x 1" piece of Douglas fir fastened up from the underside of the track.  The guides for the curves are multiple 1/8" x 1" strips of Douglas fir glued in a curved template to match the radius of the curved track pieces.

The engine is powered by two 5 amp gel cell batteries and a high torque, windshield wiper motor running at 46 RPM.   The motor is mounted to a custom made pivot system to reduce wheel hop in the tight curves.  The motor drives the rear wheels using a chain and sprocket system.   The front and back of both the engine and cars have a pivoting truck system that straddles the track's center guide rail.  The guide system at the rear of the engine is integrated into the pivoting motor mount.