Computerized Christmas   ver. 2013

              November 24 through January 1             Supporting Wounded Warriors                         6:00pm to 10:00pm
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Fountains and Super Shooters
Last year we added the Super Shooters, and what a great response from the visitors.

The water show originates from our front yard pond measuring about 10 feet in diameter.  Leaving the pond is a 40 foot stream.   The pond contains 10 fountains that dance water 15' in to the air and 6 Super Shooters that blast a column of water 70' into the night sky.   The entire system is custom made by us in our garage.  All of this is accomplished using air; no water pumps or city supplied water pressure.

The main fountains are 16" tall, constructed out of 2" diameter aluminum tube with a 1/4" wall.  The top of the fountain is milled with a 1/8" nozzle and a recess for 50 LED lights covered by a waterproof Lexan cap.

The base of the fountains are attached to a pivot system and a servo allowing the fountains to move and sway the water to the music.   Water is continually made available to the fountains through a group of four tanks. Water enters the tanks through pneumaticly cylinder controlled gate valves and pressurized using compressed air.  The tanks' valves, pneumatic cylinders and sensors are controlled from a purpose built electronic circuit board.  The fountains' water stream is turned on and off using valves controlled by Light-O-Rama ®.

The Super Shooters are 16" tall, using a 3.5" diameter aluminum tube, with a 1/2" nozzle and a LED light recess milled into the top.   These fountains auto fill through a check valve at its base. Compressed air is provided via a 20 gallon tank and a 1" diameter hose.  The fountains' LED lights keep the stream of water lighted for most of the 70' flight. As with the main fountains, the Super Shooters are triggered by Light-O-Rama ®.