Computerized Christmas   ver. 2013

              November 24 through January 1             Supporting Wounded Warriors                         6:00pm to 10:00pm
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Touch Screen Monitor
We encourage people to get out of their cars and join us on the sidewalk to watch the show.   To that end, we have four outdoor speakers for excellent listening, hot chocolate, hot tea, and candy canes for our guests' enjoyment.   We have also created the ability for our visitors to interact with the light show.

There is a touch screen monitor at the sidewalk that allows visitors to participate in the show.   At three predetermined points in our 10 song looping show, visitors can select from 5 additional songs shown on the touch screen display.  Once a song is selected that song will be seamlessly inserted into the show as the next song.   After the selected song is played the show picks up with the next song in the original playlist. This pattern repeats throughout the night.  If no song is selected the playlist list goes on without interruption.   The monitor also displays the amount of time remaining until the next song selection opportunity, the current song name, and the next song name.

Two custom applications have been created to allow this type of interaction.   One runs the touch screen and the other interacts with the shows primary software, Light-O-Rama®.  These processes occur without the use of remote PC control, input triggers, or the stopping and starting of Light-O-Rama®.

We also have written a mobile app that allows us to control the show remotely. We can start and stop the show and seamlessly insert any one of our 15 songs into the playlist at any time.  It displays real-time system status and statistics for the night, number of songs played, number of visitors' selections, (in total and per song), amount of time until the next visitor selection, and any system messages.   We also get a text message if any errors or anomalies are detected.