Computerized Christmas   ver. 2013

              November 24 through January 1             Supporting Wounded Warriors                         6:00pm to 10:00pm
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Extreme Arches
The Extreme Arches are somewhat similar to the Extreme Mini Trees.

The arch consists of a Douglas fir top and bottom frame with a 1/4" Lexan arch sandwiched between the frames.   The lighting is from RGB flexible ribbons recessed into both the top and bottom frames and directed through the each edge of the Lexan.   Four arches are used in our show, each arch has 7 channels of lighting.

The two wood frames are made from 7 segments of 2"x4" Douglas fir.  Each segment is glued to the next using a mortise and tenon which gives the glue joint added strength.  Using templates, the wood frame and Lexan are routered to their finished shape.  A dado is routered in the inside edge of the top frame to receive the light strips and the Lexan.   The same is done to the bottom frame except the dado is on the outside edge of the frame.

The Lexan is sanded on both sides to create the light diffusion. Without the hairline cuts from the sander the light will not shine through the face but will only seen through the opposite 1/4" edge.  Seven segments of light ribbons are glued into each of the top and bottom dados.  The frames are placed on each edge of the Lexan arch, resulting in the RGB lights being directed into the top and bottom edges of the Lexan arch producing the lighting effect shown in these pictures.

Each end of an arch frame is attach to a base with a couple of machine screws and the bases are staked to the ground.

The wires soldered to the ribbon pads are terminated into RJ45 connectors which is plugged into a project box containing the DMX controllers.